Hakka Hang Out

“Food” not only satisfies the basic needs of visitors during the exhibition but is also an excellent intermediary that pulls people closer together. In this art festival, food culture becomes a shortcut for people to learn about the communities, cultures, and languages of local ethnic groups. Through this art event, we are constantly thinking of ways to assist an industry.

Themed “HAKKA HANG OUT,” the interdisciplinary cultural experiment reinterprets the everyday cuisine of the Hakka community from different perspectives. This time, we have gained inspiration from the imagery of “mountains,” imagining further possibilities for Hakka cuisine.

Cultures are manifestations of life, and cultures evolve throughout life. If “produce preservation” is a form of cultural preservation, then perhaps the techniques involved also evolve with time? Centered around “food preservation” in Hakka culture, the event combs through the local produce, catering professionals, processing and manufacturing, and dining experiences along Route 3 to preserve the memories, crafts, cultures, and tastes of Hakka culture.

As borders open as we enter the post-pandemic era, the Hakka culture is sending a “Hang Out” invite to the world through the Route 3 art festival. The event redefines the traditions and innovations of northern Hakka food culture, which is added with the kindness along the Inner-Mountain Highway, inviting visitors from different cultures to reinterpret the thoughtfulness, wisdom, and hospitality of the Hakka people.

PLANNING TEAM Organizing Team

Grand Vision

"With roots in the larger Hsinchu region, Grand Vision has crafted the “OR” brand around the spirit of “BOOK+,” with operations including OR Bookstore, OR Veggie, OR Craft Life, OR Inn, OR COFFEE, and OR LIGHTBOX cinema and bistro, as well as OR HOUSE, which will open shortly.

Grand Vision incorporates approaches adopted by enterprises to connect local cultural communities and create mutual-beneficial collaboration platforms to ensure the sustainability of local cultural experiences, hoping to realize the vision of “making locals proud and luring visitors to revisit.” "