Aesthetic Design Enters Hakka Villages: A Century-old Legacy

Hakka villages along the Route 3 —— the way into the future lies in the past

The life and environment of Hakka villages has changed greatly from the past. Facing the disappearing settlement culture, the project aims to reshape the human-environment relationship and preserve the cultural spirit. Through the implementation and translation of aesthetic design, the long-forgotten history and cultural memory get to reemerge.

The rich cultural heritage accumulated in the century-old traditional Hakka towns is the most precious treasure to be found along the Route 3. Aesthetic Design Enters Hakka Villages, the 2nd Romantic Route 3 Art Festival, goes deep into the settlements, consult the residents, explores the history, culture, beliefs, and life while seeking to strengthen local identity. Presented through contemporary terms, stories of the past are weaved into unique daily scenery. Innovative solutions are sought to the challenging issues of the Hakka towns, simultaneously giving them a brand-new look. As the Hakka history being retold, a beautiful imagination of the future is also constructed.

Through design-inspired transformation and renovation, a more sustainable mechanism is expected to develop and last, bringing out different aspects of the Hakka villages. Furthermore, a cultural axis crossing separate administrative districts can be formed, giving new and persistent momentum that nurtures flourishing diversity of contemporary Hakka settlements.

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