“Falabidbog” is a Hakka saying that means vibrant and colorful.

The coexistence and conflicts between indigenous and Hakka communities along Route 3 resulted in the cultural Hakka scenery and local character. The harsh living conditions along the mountains led to the perseverance, self-restraint, and hard-working qualities of the Hakka people. Its peripheral location, fortunately, allowed the beauty of the past to be preserved in the space-time of Route 3, quietly awaiting its moment to blossom after decades of wind and rain.

Time passes like a river, and the Hakka lifestyle along Route 3 continues to evolve. However, the Hakka personality contained within a time capsule has been decompressed into various new events: the touching stories of the past in Gold Leaf, the energetic shouts in Hakka rock music, classic flavors in Hakka villages, animals residing in the lowlands, and youths that have returned with a mission to open up the mountains and forests, have all allowed the quiet Route 3 to blossom into Hakka sceneries that are distinct from existing stereotypes.

Romantic Route 3 features the cultural diversity of Hakka towns and attempts to inspire new imaginations about Hakka culture, allowing the classics and tradition to transform and transcend. With the help of modern artworks and platforms and through art projects, design, and food culture, the event expands the horizons and encourages the public to witness the abundance of Hakka culture, interpreting a quality of magnificence that is never seen before.

In this 65-day exhibition period that spans 5 cities and counties, 18 towns, and 150 kilometers, we’ve prepared over 90 works and more than 50 artists from Taiwan and abroad, as well as 21 design teams that have forged bonds with local people, connecting with over 45 local restaurants to produce more than 30 new Hakka flavors. Furthermore, 60 road trip routes and over 100 cultural experiences all enable new understandings that are different from existing traditional Hakka culture, searching for infinite imaginations, a sense of belonging, and scenery somewhere in between experimentation and reality, beauty and conflict, and trends and classics.

This summer, set off on the winding mountain paths and encounter Falabidbog on Route 3!