A cup of conviviality

Language Used / Song

“過家來尞”(go gaˊ loiˇ liau) is a Hakka saying meaning calling at someone’s home, describing the lively and convivial interaction between Hakka people in early days. With LIE's Tea & Pottery House as the main venue, travelers are invited to pay a visit to Guanxi, interacting naturally with the Hakka village through an experiential process comprised of native mountain products, Hakka stories, and cultural landscape. Sipping a cup of warm tea, one gets to feel the abundant energy and taste the vivid stories of the area.

Barry is a designer who is half Atayal and half Hakka.

Harvest Ideation

A group of urban nomad creatives adept at gathering like-minded individuals, Harvest Ideation brings diverse expressive channels together, focuses on the development of issues, through artistic and creative design communicates with the masses, turning imagination into reality.

LIE Chu-Chung

Lie Chu-Chung, a potter and tea farmer, specializes in pottery creation and has won a great many art awards. In 2015, he returned to his hometown in Guanxi, where he kneads clay, makes pots, learns from nature, grows organic wild tea, and lives a simple life.

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