The Caridina Pavilion

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The special water quality of the tunnel canal in Damaopu breeds Caridina pseudodenticulata, a kind of rare shrimp that only survives in uncontaminated water, just as the simple and natural impression of Dumaopu. Derived its name from the imagery, the Caridina Pavilion is built with natural materials together with the stone slabs once used to pave the farming road in local settlement. In a small orchard located on the edge of the canal where the view is unparalleled, an unobtrusive pavilion is built with its two legs standing above the historic facility, allowing residents to have a scenic resting spot as well as a tighter connection with it.

HSIAO Yu-Chih is the co-founder of Megaweaving Design. Since the end of 2008, he has applied his idea of “Mega-weave” to his projects, teaching, creation, non-profit workshops, curatorial practice, and community management. Linking all kinds of people, things, and objects through cross-project resources integration, he attempts to transform the surplus resources of social development into nutrients for the demand side, treating the power of design as the proactive momentum for social change. HSIAO currently teaches as an Assistant Professor in the Architecture Dept. of Shih Chien University.

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