C-A40 (2019)

Chisel Marks of Life

Language Used / Song

The carving and digging marks in the tunnel drains by the forbears are still vividly visible today. Because of the tunnel drains, Dawo has become a fertile place for all life to grow. This echoes the resolute spirit of the forbears that cultivated Dawo. This work comprises nearly 330 m2 of imbricated wood strips extending down into the river valley, which also echoes humankind’s longing to be closer to nature and the fact that the tunnel drains have nurtured the land of Dawo.
Iyo Kacaw

Iyo Kacaw is an Amis (Pangcah) artist from Makota’ay in Fengbin Township, Hualien. In recent years, the artist has created works by joining and layering fragments of wood and rocks to delineate fluid forms, which embody a linear language that articulates a strong connection between seaside living and the rolling waves. The organically formed works blur the boundary between natural and manmade objects, powerfully conveying the artist’s profound insights into environmental issues.

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