Over There and Over Here

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Set to be located under the couple tree beside the Fengshan River, the pavilion echoes with the bamboo forest landscape and the history when bamboo waterwheels were built for irrigation. Expressing the spirit of the region, the bamboo tectonics serves as both a window for travelers to overlook the river and a place for farmers to rest inside. With the culture and local scenes being embraced, Over There and Over Here hence forms a new Hakka landscape.
KAN Ming-Yuan

Chair Architect of D.Z. Architects & Associates, the award-winning architect Kan Ming-Yuan focused on timber tectonics in the early stage of his career. Still, in view of the high dependence of Taiwan's timber sources on imports, the consequent high carbon footprint, and the fact that most of the timber is cut from tropical rainforests in Africa and South America, he decided to turn to local resources of raw materials. With the feature of sustainability and cultural representation, Kan strives to promote bamboo to the industry, aiming to reshape the cultural significance of bamboo in Taiwan.

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