Together Again, Naturally

Language Used / Song

In modern society, languages and ideas are used to create classifications, which sets human perceptions apart from knowledge systems, and encourages us to believe that nature and the human world are separated. As a matter of fact, human beings are simply part of nature and its processes. The artist gathers leaves and leaf veins of local plants to construct the form of a figure, attempting to engage the public in discussing the blurred boundary between the manmade and the natural through this action and the image. 
Juan Ford

Australian interdisciplinary artist Juan Ford is highly regarded for his hyperrealist paintings. His works have been showcased in and collected by multiple major art exhibition and institutions, including the National Gallery of Victoria’s Melbourne Now (2013/2014); Manifesta 9 (2012); Premier John Brumby for Parliament of Victoria Parliament House; Melbourne Jewish Museum, etc. The theme of his paintings revolves around observations of the relationship between humanity and the environment, which subverts the Australian art scene in an unconventional way.

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