Sleeping 'ae:em

Language Used / Song

On a habitable farmland in the low-elevation mountains, Sleeping 'ae:em assumes the appearance of a giant pangolin lying asleep in a rice-paddy field in fallow period. In the company of bald cypress trees and the local Pek Kong (Earth God) temple, the fantastic beast covered in white scales quietly welcomes visitors of the art festival, and raises public awareness to issues of conservation at the same time.
Hsiangfu CHEN

Hsiangfu CHEN graduated from Berlin University of the Arts, and now works in Berlin and Taipei. Her work is situated at the intersection of space politics, sci-fi narrative, and contemporary social phenomena. Through the language and expression of new media, she transforms daily situations in which humans and the non-human deal with institution and technology. Chen mainly works with spatial and kinetic installation, and specializes in representing the control and absurdity in contemporary life with a cold visual language.

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