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Dongshi pears are grown with grafting techniques so that pears usually grow in the temperate zone can grow in low-elevation regions. This is considered a great technical achievement of cultivation in Taiwanese agriculture. This work makes use of twigs cut down in trimming, a procedure applied by farmers to make pears grow larger and better. The gathered twigs are suspended to form an enormous pear, which is both virtual and realistic. 
Gina HSU

Gina HSU (b. 1976) is the director of the Dong Hai Hospital (DHH) Design Studio, and a lecturer at Shih Chien University. Grew up in Dongshi, Taichung, Hsu re-organized her family hospital after the Jiji Earthquake in 1999, carrying on her family’s enterprise through design. In recent years, she has participated and curated Body Making and Tea 3.1415, both were exhibitions in the Creative Expo Taiwan, and has joined the Yii Project. Her studio is located in the factory district in Sanchong, Taipei, where she founded Black Village to promote the ongoing “Manufacture Material Share Space (MMSS)” project.

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