Raknus Selu

Language Used / Song

A song about the healing power of the mountains, Raknus Selu tells a story when one morning, my wounded soul closes its eyes in the darkness and follows an unseen trail up to a mountain.
Raknus~selu~Raknus~selu, like a spell sung with tone and melody, reminds me of the mountains and the forest, the feeling of being embraced by heaven and earth, and the warmth of being held by a mother's hand. It carries me and holds me as I slowly walk on the mountain trail. Waking up with two lines of tears falling, I know my way will go on.

Born in 1983 in old Hsinchu City, ZiXuan writes music in both Hakka and Hokkien and has won twice the Golden Melody Award for Best Hakka Album. A new generation Hakka musician active in the music industry, he is currently the leader of ZiXuan & Slow Train, the director of Nuisan Xiao Culture Co., and the head of Dongmen REC & LiVE Studio. Once responsible for the production and planning of several TV program, in recent years, he’s more reserved for organizing local music events, such as Nuisan Music Festival, Old Town Party, 2014-2023 Shan Hsien Pien Kual Live Tour, Bazaar Market/REC & LiVE, Taipei Hakka in the Alley, and Come Back to Route 3.

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