C-A39 (2019)

Woven Memories

Language Used / Song

In Dawo, two major communities – the Atayal people and the Hakka settlers – were able to enjoy peace and coexist due to interethnic marriages. During the tumultuous eras, they created a beautiful view of a harmonious friendship and coprosperity between the indigenous and the Hakka communities. In this work, the weaving of white cotton strings is intertwined with the progress of time, and the work will eventually become part of the natural environment, allowing the imagination of home to transcend ethnic and language barriers—whoever steps unto this land is considered family.
Eleng Luluan

A Rukai artist from Haocha, Pingtung, Eleng Luluan has been living in Dulan, Taitung for the last 20 years. She specializes in mixed media sculptures and environmental installations, especially the clashing yet tightly knit dialects among different media. Her creativity and originality are as powerful as the churning Pacific Ocean, and that made her an internationally recognized female indigenous artist of Taiwan.

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