One in 260,000

Language Used / Song

Inspired by the connection between an old marabutan and local residents as well as how the tree has brought people together, the work begins with copying a single fallen marabutan leaf to approach the imagination of a marabutan having 260,000 leaves . Departing from the lush imagery of marabutan leaves and aerial roots, the paper sculpture colored with plant dyes reveals sprawling roots and poetic strings of flowers that seem to grow endlessly in the space. 
Jo-Mei LEE

Jo-Mei LEE’s practice mainly engages in sketches and three-dimensional sculptures, which embody a distinctive poetic quality, and depict landscape of memory that awakens sensibility through gazing and repeating everyday experiences and details of things. From 2015 onward, she has focused on exploring nature and materials. Being fond of observing plants, she seeks mysterious notches or small cuts on plants, trying to unveil subtle perceptions of botanical time through a microcosmic view.

Works Location