Forage - Habitat - Transit

Language Used / Song

The timber pond, a wood production facility from the past, is now an ecological pond of aquatic animals and plants. The comical “birds” in the pond appear to be animals that are not entirely natural. When animals and plants take the center stage of this vast pond retired from the industry, the natural, the artificial and the artistic blend into a landscape different from that of the park. 
Jr-Shin LUO

Jr-Shin LUO was born in Miaoli, Taiwan, and lives and works in Taipei. His practice revolves around the experimentation of a variety of traditional and unconventional materials, ranging from clay, resin, metal, and everyday objects, including food, chemicals and scent, through which he investigates the spirituality and human condition underlying this representational world. Luo is interested in the cognitive experiences derived from the framework and modes of production, and excels at capturing the precarious, illusory, or even delusional moments in everyday life. In the past, he created sculptures and installations mostly engaging in creating dialogues with their surroundings, and recently, he has shifted to “create” the space, in which his works are situated.

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