Can Can Route 3: Redesigning Preserved Hakka Food

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This project integrates the “pickled, sauce, sun-dried” food preservation methods of traditional Hakka food culture with modern lifestyles. Time lies at the center of food preservation, and food that is preserved and fermented with time transforms the sense of treasuring resources into the flavors of the Hakka people. Titled “Can Can Route 3,” our eating habits in the age of the pandemic have moved closer to the wisdom of our ancestors. As we spend longer hours at home and more time outdoors via the Inner-Mountain Highway, food preservation and slow eating have become rituals of everyday life, symbolizing the wisdom and charm of Hakka food preservation and fermentation methods. 

Metal Can Design |
Squid Confit & Butterfly Ginger Lily
Duck Confit & Perilla Leaves

Instant Food Package |
Pickled mustard green and mixed mushrooms sauce
Hakka red yeast stewed vegetable sauce

The mission of Realfood is to make delicious plant-based dishes accessible to more people. Dedicated to providing high-quality plant-based food, Realfood features natural ingredients, health, and sustainability. The brand’s main products are the uniquely flavored Salted Lemon Sauce and the Shiokoji Sauce series, which are seasoned to perfection through time and technique, ensuring flavor and health at the same time.

Atelier Mimosa

It is a great privilege to be seen, but the truth is there are many things that we overlook. Despite our lack of awareness, they exist in silence, embodying exquisite designs that are never appreciated.

Through the form of art exhibitions, visual design, and spatial arrangement, Atelier Mimosa spotlights the nuances in everyday life that are often overlooked, featuring the brand’s mission to discover heart-touching messages and create stories that deserve to be heard.

OR Sauce

“OR Sauce” is OR Lifestyle’s first private brand, and the sauce is also rooted in the regional character of Hsinchu. The “OR Sauce” in the name means “beautiful” in Hakka, guiding customers to savor the beauty of the land through the taste of the sauce.

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