A-A04 (2019)


Language Used / Song

Following the round stone plates with leaf rubbings and through woods and a brook, visitors reach a “suikinkutsu,” or a water zither cave, made by layering pebble stones. From the crystal-clear water surface in the round water basin, the sound of water dripping into the ceramic jar echoes faintly, like heavenly sounds from a quiet valley. Leaning one’s ear against the pebble stone, one can feel the warmth and the singing of dripping water. This is a work of land art embodying the union of time and space.

Ken KAGEYAM graduated from the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts. His work positions the history and culture of respective places as a central element, extensively exploring “ways to understand and record things happening here and now.” Consequently, the artist focuses on gaining a deep understanding the stories of a place before transforming them into his works. He also facilitates a closely knit relationship between the artistic site and the locals, enabling them to constantly grow through their participation, which has always been his objective in art making.

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