Guanxi Space Out Administration

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Welcome to the Guanxi Space Out Administration! Through interactive experience of installations and online guides, we encourage you to think about the value of city and life from a fresh perspective. Let's sit back and relax in Guanxi, a town with enchanting scenery and a leisure lifestyle, and you may find the fun and orientation of life.

A joint venture with local communities, schools, and organizations to discover local characteristics, the project integrated local tourism resources and breathed life into idle spaces. With the theme of “spacing out,” visitors get to appreciate the unique culture of Guanxi Township while having a relaxing and refreshing experience to their body and mind.

Founded in 2012, Sandwishes Studio is a cross-disciplinary team aiming at social inclusion and cultural participation through creation and work. With art and design at its core, the team works with government, industry, and academia to create a cultural environment where all can have equal access. Through cross-border cooperation, the team constantly explores the possibility of turning society around.

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