Life, Only in This Mountain

Language Used / Song

The artist transforms a whole piece of driftwood into a mountain and a resting place, and invites the audience to re-enter the embrace of a forest, while bestowing a new meaning of life on the driftwood that has experienced the vicissitudes of life, constructing a dialogue between human and nature. 
iming avaliu

Imin Mavaliw is an artist from the Puyuma tribe, Katratripul, in Taitung. He has been invited for an art residency at the Tjibaou Culture Center in New Caledonia, and is the recipient of the First Prize at the Pulima Art Award in 2012. In the same year, his art series, titled Take Away, was included in the collection of the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts. Underlying the unique beauty of life of his chosen material – driftwood, which is resulted from a drift from its origin caused by powerful external force, his work gives new forms to driftwoods and transforms them into spiritual songs of those exiling on marginal borders.

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