Ā bǐ bǎI

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The work of Yang Teng-Chi (Manbo Key) consistently explores the metaphoric quality of objects after they are given colors. In this project, he takes a retrospection of the Hakka culture in his hometown Dongshi, and draws inspiration from the vibrant colors from the environment, festivals, and customs that he experienced growing up. Combining the colors with images of a figure often talked about by the locals, he attempts to refine the feminine aesthetics in this culture.

Grew up in Taiwan, Teng-Chi YANG (Manbo Key) is a photographer and image artist based in Taipei. His creative process involves the intimate relationship between the photographer and the photographic subject, as well as his observations of objects and scenes in daily life. Through his lens, the figures, scenes, and subjects are direct metaphors for the distant, voyeuristic perspective of bystanders. His works have been published in the British digital magazine, Dazed. He has frequently collaborated with Shakespeare's Wild Sisters Group, Aaron HIEH, and Joe FANG on visual projects to present his diverse images.

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