Re:wild. Re:love. Re:hear. The beauty around us Nature never fails

Language Used / Song

Starting from the idea of “the wild,” the work develops “love” for plants through “re-hearing” as a way of cultural continuation and an opportunity to thoroughly read the water canals, mines, ceramics, and plant dye in Gongguan, interweaving the method of gathering and the sounds of the earth, thus enabling the audience to perceive a dialogue with the land and all its inhabitants, while exploring the wealth of Hakka herbal culture. 
Weed Day

Weed Day is run by two foraging artists. They are conscious of the current city landscapes and the ways in which humans interact with nature. They make weed tea among other everyday essentials with the foraged weeds. When foraging they choose the more dominant and invasive plants leaving more space for native species, which results in a more biodiverse environment. To them, weeds speak for the land, and tea is a huge part of everyday life in Taiwan, which can be a means to care for the planet, body, mind, and the exploration of a sustainable life.

Works Location