"qiangˊ sanˊ congˇ qiangˊ, soi iad fon hangˇ (Slowly the Time Progresses)"

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In the early days, when the Hakka people migrated towards the mountains, they often used locally sourced materials, and evaluated the conditions of locations to layer rocks into retaining walls, field ridges, river embankments, utilize pebbles to make wall foundation of houses, as well as pave stones to make yards and temple courtyards. Such practice constituted the common living space of the Hakka community, and formed a friendly coexistence with nature, in which living was slow-paced and different forms of life were able to develop in a diverse way.
Yuan-Hong LO

Yuan-Hong LO, who has returned to his hometown Meinong, was a participating artist in the Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Festival in 2014, and a residence artist at the Meinong Hakka Museum in 2015. In the same year, he joined Assignment Theatre’s Return to Lishan - Theater Body Action, and performed at the Echigo-Tsumari Art Field in Japan. Having been touched by the integration of agriculture and art, he subsequently transforms his life to practice the aesthetics of agronomic life, drawing inspiration from the land, while converting his inspiration into heart-touching landscape.

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