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Diet is the core upon which culture is built, and taste is the power through which culture is sustained

《AM XIONG》With the practice of pickling as the starting point, let us take a journey into the contemporary and traditional food processing methods employed in Hakka communities. Taste will give us the key flavor clues in our exploration of pickled foods, broadening our imagination of Hakka cuisine and, with novel visual effects and artistic reinterpretation, overturning the image of traditional Hakka culinary culture in our minds through the use of avant-garde textures and styles. Let us proceed to engage in a surreal dialogue centered around pickled foods.

The mountainous terrain on the island of Taiwan gives birth to a vibrant Hakka culture with unique pickled foods associated with the climate and environment of their communities. In Hakka culture, the practice of pickling is not just a process for preserving food—it is a vehicle that conveys the Hakka lifestyle, value, and culture from generation to generation. Divided into three sections, namely Sustaining Flavor, Enhancing Flavor, and Innovating Flavor, this exhibition gives a step-by-step introduction to Hakka culinary culture through the flavor of Hakka pickled foods.


The Complete Guide of 《AM XIONG》

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Studio Shikai
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Hwa-Hsia Glass
A glass container factory with roots deep in the region of Hsinchu, Hwa-Hsia Glass has over one hundred years of history. It is the largest glass factory manufacturing everyday appliances in Taiwan. With expertise in making different glass containers, Hwa-Hsia Glass is the manufacturer behind several notable brands. The company’s products are used for food and sauces, wine wares, as well as in the beauty industry and pharmaceuticals. Hwa-Hsia Glass recently started emphasizing sustainability, digital transformation, and crafting their private brand to pave the way for the future.

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