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In the 1940s, the waves of a farmers’ movement spread out to towns around Miaoli’s Sanwan as the center, which was immediately caused a grisly storm. This work begins with seven farewell letters that never reach the recipients at home, unveiling a series of public co-creation programs in these towns. 

The Libera work-gang was founded at the end of 2018, by a group of creators and researchers. The meaning of “libera” is twofold in this case: one is “to console the forgotten souls.” This echoes with the collective’s objective to bring the spirits of White Terror fighters back to their homeland and for them to be recognized by their descendants. The second meaning is “to revive the spirits of contemporary people.” Through learning about the resistance that took place in the past, present conditions are reexamined, as we rediscover and understand the strength that we possess inside. In order to find the way, activists from various backgrounds have come together to connect with one another, which has led to the founding of the Libera work-gang.

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