How to Read a Hakka Temple

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On the premise of maintaining the original function of Huichang Temple, the most important Hakka temple in the Zhudong area, the design and renovation plan was discussed together by the design team and the members and staff of the temple. From the alteration of texture, color, and shape of the offering table to the addition of displays and visiting route signs, Huichang Temple was transformed into a small museum. Through slight adjustment, the traffic flow of worshiping become clearer and smoother, the intimacy and connection between men and the deities are strengthened, and visitors are offered with clues that guide them to open up their senses and learn about the Hakka temple that has witnessed and harbored the devotion of the Hakka people in Zhudong over the past century.
Theout Studio

Theout Studio perceives design work as a learning experience where one can find ways to respond to the world through thinking outside the box.
With architectonic as the background, Theout continues expressing creativity in architecture, space, display design and art installation, pays attention to large and small matters in lives, and finds its identity through continuous response to the environment. The Studio focuses on the research of design methods, adores the spirit of innovation and experimentation, strives to meet the needs of different projects, finds fresh turning points between sensibility and rationality, hoping that each design will become a unique one.

The SELF Studio

Specialized in project planning, the team devotes efforts to literature review, data analysis, strategies development, and text integration and interpretation, digging deep to find the public character and fun in it with great interest and passion.

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