Hit the Road|Come, Let’s Go!

Language Used / Song

Inspired by the word “hit,” whose sound bears similarity to that of “go” in the Hakka language (‘hi’ in the Sixian accent and ‘hiˇ’ in the Hailu accent), the project combines Hit the Road and Come Let’s Go, not only creating a lively and welcoming atmosphere, but marking a starting point for the journey to the Route 3. For those who can’t wait, grab companions and embark on a trip that involves fresh scenery, good fun, and beautiful stories.

As a journey always needs a guide, let the miniature exhibition bring you to savor the charm along the roads, the waterways, and the trails before you set foot in each Hakka village to find the beautiful imagination fostered at the first glimpses.
Harvest Ideation

A group of creatives adept at gathering like-minded individuals, combining diverse expressive channels, focusing on issue developing, and through art and design communicating with the masses to turn imagination into reality.

Founded in 2015 in Taichung, Taiwan, Harvest Ideation specializes in integrating art and design and has planned a great many large-scale events in Taiwan.

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